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Accent Design Group

Projects of Accent Design Group

Accent DG – Architecture

Accent Design Group S.A.L., established in 2007, is a specialized architecture design firm  that serves the Middle East from headquarters in Beirut. The Accent DG portfolio consists mainly of progressive architectural projects in the MENA region, including the KSA, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, and the UAE.
Research and experimentation form the core of Accent DG’s design methodology, resulting in unconventional typologies and specialized solutions. Cultural and behavioral, as well as environmental and geographical considerations are taken before the team forms a design.

Architects – Design & Supervision

Accent DG offers specialized architectural design based on the limitations and possibilities of each particular site. Our design strategy involves creating optimized spatial experiences that are conducive to modern living. The Accent design team listens to your needs and offers professional insight to create distinctive high-end projects, set apart from a largely superficial and commercial market.
Our team of architects has tackled a wide range of challenges in creating high-caliber and innovative solutions for residential, mixed-use, hospitality, entertainment, corporate, and urban planning sectors. Accent DG also supervises the construction process to maintain quality and ensure the proper execution of the design.