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Agence Bernard Bühler

Projects of Agence Bernard Bühler

We spend a major part of our work in the design and construction of social housing and we are very sensitive to projects that provide opportunities for qualify-requalify a place. The treatment of the privacy of homes and their relationship to collective and public spaces as a success factor and appropriation, optimized surfaces to minimize future investment accessing, maximum functionality in minimum surfaces are issues that structure our projects. The consideration of environmental issues is an aspect of the construction to which we are susceptible. We also had the opportunity to study and address this issue through various experiences.
In general manner , the priority is :
– A playful architecture. Finding, in the constraints of the social housings (budget, surfaces, regulation), solutions that remain economic for example with the work on color, a particular staging of the openings… A work on anything that is too connoted in the social housing in order to offer non-standard housing, customized…
– Enhance use values (machine cycle in housing, importance closets, cellars…)
– To offer large windows in the living room, intimate private outdoor spaces for increased quality of life.
– The landscaped amenagement is important, the means of access to the housings, the place of the car…
Each project is seen as a signal, a element which qualify a context.