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Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

Projects of Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

The study was born with the ambition of generating new and fresh architecture, adapting the projects to new lifestyle. Accompany the client during the experience becomes a premise to facilitate the way to the end of the work.

The fundamental objective of the study is to exceed the expectations of the client, understanding their likings and needs. The concern for lighting, insulation and natural ventilation means that projects are always focused with the objective of achieving almost zero energy consumption of the finished building.

Formed by a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, graphic designers and builders for the development of the projects and the execution of the works, in order to offer a completely finished product.

Alberto Facundo, Architect and Technical Engineer in Industrial Design opens new offices in Valencia in 2016. Surrounded by a young team, the studio is supported by new technologies to design BIM and generate virtual tours through 3D glasses, making it easier to take decisions together with the client, at the beginning of the works, avoiding surprises during the execution of the work.

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