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Alexandra Buchanan Architects

Projects of Alexandra Buchanan Architects

Under the direction of Alexandra Buchanan, the ABA studio draws on traditional methods to deliver creative, practical and bespoke residential designs. We design beautiful, liveable homes that are collaboratively conceived, and individually crafted. Our work is driven by approachability, personalisation and collaboration. We build a unique identity for each project – one that reflects the very best of our clients’ lifestyles. Our designs are influenced by the cultural diversity of our team and the breath of our experience. We start each project by learning about your ideal lifestyle – your favourite season, time of day, hobby you’d like to resume. Residential architecture should be all about you, which is why we will work as a partnership to bring your dream to a reality. We explore and test the brief – as well as the peculiarities of each site and its environment –to ensure every project is bespoke, highly considered and intricately tailored to its context and its users.