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Archiles architecten

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Archiles architecten is a passionate team of 18 employees, managed by architect-director Koen Dergent and Luk Segers. Founded in 1986 by Luk Segers and fully acquired by Koen Dergent in 2018, Archiles architecten represents years of expertise.

Archiles architecten has experience with public procurements, as well as with project developers, large companies, offices and industry. Our main focus lies on contemporary design that fits seamlessly into the surroundings, balanced with functionality and in line with current social trends.

We design relevant buildings, embedded in their environment and in constant search of the identity of the surroundings. A thorough reading of the site forms the important basis of every design. Our design solutions provide an answer to the needs of the users, the threats of the environment and respond to the potential of the site.

In order to create relevant designs, various principles are used, such as functionality, sustainability, coherence and feasibility. Archiles architecten strives to create a qualitative living environment, within a sustainable entity.

Technical developments and growing standardisation, as well as strict regulations and short deadlines causes the design and construction to become complicated. Continuously learning and following trends is therefore essential. Our mix of young and experienced employees is able to respond to this never ending challenge.

From this point of view we provide a philosophy which combines all know-how in one design team, consisting of both architects, designers and engineers, for the purpose of the client, with a threefold approach:

Quality: responding to the needs, uniting specialised experiences, joining aesthetic and technical aspects, …

Planning: respecting deadlines (both studies and execution), taking specific procedures into account, …

Budget: monitoring efficient use of financial resources, maximizing subsidies and budgets, optimizing construction costs in relation to operating costs, …

Archiles architecten calls upon experienced subcontractors when necessary. This will ensure a complementary team with an optimal project organization, where the designer is responsible for coordination between those various disciplines.