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CEO Jan Pesman

CEO Ronald Schleurholts

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cepezed is an award-winning spatial design specialist. Assignments address the challenges of town-planning, industry, interiors and particularly architecture.

cepezed represents knowledge, skill and a stimulating no-nonsense mentality. Combining conceptual skills, contemporary solutions for contemporary problems and ingenious creativity, results are disarmingly sober and inimitably intelligible.

Esthetics and functionality are logically linked. At cepezed, projects are designed as monuments of function for people, not monuments of thanks to an architect.

cepezed is skilled at managing the complexity behind simplicity. It uses an integral design method with multiple material use in which various aspects such as spatial design, construction and installation techniques are forged into an indivisible whole.

Regular construction materials do not always suffice for cepezed’s integral design methods. Therefore it also innovates. Over recent time cepezed has introduced new building materials to achieve the special effects clients desire.

With empathy, professionalism, freedom from convention and as much trust in technology as itself, cepezed continuously invests best efforts on ever new, durable and intelligent building solutions.

cepezed is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and a member of among others the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) and the Booosting platform for front runners in construction innovation.