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Adrian Moreno and Maria Samaniego, Quito 1972, started arquitectura x in 1996 while studying at Universidad Central del Ecuador where they graduated in 1999 and 1998. They have worked in architecture, urban, interior and furniture design in various cities in Ecuador, currently working in private and public projects of various scales. Their work has received a number of awards in urban design and architecture, amongst others: National Architecture Award, 10th Architectural Biennial, Quito, 1996; Winners of the “National Urban Design Competition for El Barranco, Cuenca”, 2003; Finalists 5th BIAU (Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo). Montevideo, 2006; First Runner-up for the Urban Cooperation Award, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 2007, Third Place “National Urban and Architectural Design Competition for the National Assembly Complex in Quito”, 2010, Honorable Mention American Architecture Prize 2017.
They taught for several years at Universidad San Francisco de Quito and have taught given lectures and being jurors at different universities and academic events in Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and the U.S., including the Latitudes 4 conferences in 2012 at UT Texas.
arquitectura x’s work has been exhibited at national and international events in Quito, Cuenca, Montevideo, Cali, Bogota, Cartagena, Madrid, the London Festival of Architecture 2010 and the “Post Post Post” exhibition in Buenos Aires, Medellin and Montevideo, and featured in publications in South and North America, Asia and Europe such as The Architectural Review and the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture.