ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten

Atelier ST

Projects of Atelier ST

“Atelier ST’s work is characterised by playing with viewing patterns. They translate the allegedly familiar and well known into a beautiful, distinguishable architecture.”

Andreas Groß, Managing Director KAP FORUM, Köln

Corporeal and expressive
Our buildings are characterised by clear and expressive shapes. Besides zeitgeisty components they convey in particular permanentness and integrity. As a result of our bespoke solutions the inhabitant’s living space has been improved specifically.

logic & passion
Working on different projects, we do not follow defined rules regarding proceeding and drafting. We approach all tasks pragmatically and unbiased, and each time we develop new bespoke strategies to find the best solution and draft.
There is no room for stereotypical thinking. We are open to everything that attracts our curiosity.

Location & Aura
It is essential to get a sense for the location and the conditions but also for the particular task. Therefore, we consider the aura, the tradition of the environment and of the existing on the one hand, and on the other hand we attempt to inspire the current situation by giving new impulses thus helping to provide the location with new joy of life.