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BAM! Arquitectura

Projects of BAM! Arquitectura

Who we are | We are a versatile design, urbanism and architecture studio created by young enterpreneurs, who have a comprehensive, creative and challenging look and who are aware of the social and natural environment.

We believe that buildings, as people, are more than the sum of its parts. We believe that it is possible to accomplish a blend of design, functionality and context. We believe that in projects co-creation better results are achieved thanks to teamwork.

Why BAM!? | Because we believe in design process innovation as a problem solution.

Who our clients are | Those who dare a better living.

What we do | We create spaces that enable people to interact and communicate. For each project, we undertake a research of the materials to be used in order to obtain a sustainable result tailored to each client’s needs.

We work with 3D models so as to share, discuss and evaluate spatial different solutions in the co-creation stage.

What do we look for | We believe in sustainability and design innovation. We look for creative and unique solutions for each problem.

Matias Mosquera | Architect, University of Buenos Aires graduate, born in 1985, founder of BAM!. He was part of the 3XN design team in Denmark and has participated in international competitions and in important projects at Grupo Miradores. In 2012, he created BAM!, an avant-garde studio.

Gonzalo Bardach | Architect, University of Buenos Aires graduate, born in 1982, founder of BAM!. After having worked for prestigious architectural and design studios, where he led large-scale projects, and having been member of the communication team at the NGO TECHO, he decided to create BAM!, where he blended his experience in design and communication.