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Bauzeit Architekten

Projects of Bauzeit Architekten

Founded in 1994, by P. Bergmann, Y. Baumann and R. Pascual, after nearly ten years of practice in different offices, bauzeit architekten believes in the exploration of form through the program, using extensive research of the specifics of each project, in-depth interaction with clients and site, and a keen sense of curiosity to transform functional requirements into new and unexpected spaces taking into account the forms and combinations of materials.
Widely published, the profile of the company was enlarged by winning the „Prix Europan“, the „AIA Award“ of the American Institute of Architects Design Prize and National Awards as „ATU Prix“ and „Lignum Holzpreis Schweiz“.
The spectrum of work since the creation of the office varies from individual houses to the urban scale interventions through residential buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, hospital clinics or facilities of urban space.