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Bögl Gierer Architekten

Projects of Bögl Gierer Architekten

Max Bögl | Andreas Gierer

The work of Bögl Gierer Architekten combine classical architectural themes, such as the reading of the place and the concept of scale.
Architecture with character that polarizes and questions dogma. Architecture with the strength of using architectural history as a reference, structurally and formally.
The work is characterized by an interest in the latest developments in prefabricated constructions, particularly in precast concrete.
Our understanding of space focuses on re-thinking the conceptual and physical implementation of the premises and the shell, the shape and the imprint.
Our intuition and perception of form is based on knowledge of the rules of design and their unconventional and subversive application. Simultaneously, design methods that pertain to content are applied on the architectural concepts.
Our work is at the interface of the object with the symbolic shape and the resolution of the object, benefiting the similarity or overall sum of the town or place.