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B+P Architects

Projects of B+P Architects

Established in Taipei, Taiwan

​We are a professional space design team across business industries. B+P stands for [Build] Port, a port that integrates every professional aspect when constructing spaces such as cities, landscape, buildings, and interior creative design. Start from concept, preliminary design, to detail design, constructing, each step is thoroughly carried out as planned.

B+P Architects is devoted to change the status of human being in a room by creating a brand new living environment or building space with mixed materials and areas.While regarding highly on the meaning of time in a space, the features of how it is lived put us think about the aesthetic of a building in the beginning. To give a new face to an old house by renovation, creativity is the answer to the imagination of space, and to patch the gap between interfaces, we land our hands onto landscape, buildings, interior space and exhibition design, to its purpose and scale, we dig into its nature while understanding the exterior of the base, look for the most appropriate form and material to optimize its possibility. Balance and artisan, we pursue soft-spoken yet profound concept of a smooth space experience.