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Carme Pinós Desplat

Projects of Carme Pinós Desplat

Estudio Carme Pinós, which was founded by Carme Pinós after a period working in partnership with Enric Miralles, is currently one of Barcelona’s most internationally renowned firms, with works in Mexico, Austria and France among other countries. These works – ranging from urban refurbishments and public buildings to furniture design – have always reflected concern for the city and the territory, in which the most purely abstract geometry engages in a dialogue with large and small scale projects and human relations. Each and every proposal understands the world and architecture in the same way, in which common sense and responsibility prevails above all the rest. Each one of the projects that originate from our office is a unique, innovative and singular response to requirements in terms of costs, program and place, and all are designed with the clear underlying aim of making every building express the use and the sense it has been entrusted with. Likewise, every project develops around a very solid and simple conceptual framework that is unique and easily identifiable, and which is constantly supervised by Carme Pinós. The projects devised in the office never consist of simple objects resting on a site. On the contrary, they transform the place into volumes that take possession of the exterior, creating an intimate and indissoluble relationship. Architecture is understood as a living entity, something which can make roots grow and which feeds on the environment surrounding it. Our architecture has an ongoing dialogue with the context which, in turn, creates relationships, and fosters crossings and meetings… The way in which Estudio Carme Pinós approaches projects takes shape in a formal and identifiable language in which innovation, structural and conceptual clarity, honesty in the materials used, simplicity and rotundity and poetic research are always present. The consistency one observes across all works undertaken by the Estudio Carme Pinós lies in the importance given to each and every one of the phases forming part of a commission from the initial sketches down to the last detail. We lavish special attention on the construction process. The personal involvement of Carme Pinós constitutes a guarantee of flexibility and a swift response. Throughout the years, the firm has managed to weave a network of collaborators and engineers which has facilitated our involvement in complex multidisciplinary international projects, and with whom we share a common sensibility.