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De Blacam And Meagher Architects

Projects of De Blacam And Meagher Architects

Shane de Blacam and John Meagher are partners in the architectural practice of de Blacam and Meagher since 1976.  The practice design and supervise all drawings and details of their buildings in a studio / professional office. The practice has established a pre-eminent position in Architecture in Europe, it is enthusiastically dedicated to service of clients and to completion of buildings of major significance. Simon Noddings, Andy Richardson, Juan Echeverria and Will Walsh have over 15 years experience with the practice.  Each play a central role in the work and  life of the office and projects.

The practice is primarily concerned with the making of simple buildings and with the employment of beautiful materials: oak, white limestone, black fossil limestone, granite, slate, stainless steel, glass, naturally pigmented paints, gold leaf, wool, linen and silk to give quality, permanence and significance to the work; it possesses particular other expertise in restoration and conservation work, interior, furniture design, exhibition design, the design of excellent new buildings. The quality of the work has been recognised here in Ireland and abroad as indicated in the list of publications, exhibitions and by the numerous national and international awards received. De Blacam and Meagher represented Ireland at the 2010 Venice Bienalle.