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Declerck-Daels, Architecten

Projects of Declerck-Daels, Architecten

Declerck-Daels, Architecten aims to create atmospheres and living spaces in fascinating and unique concepts.

They focus on spaciousness and experience in every project, regardless of the scale. From city planning to the finest details, large and small, …

Every project is founded on the ‚genius loci‘.

They are striving to create an architectural platform to collaborate with various specialists.

They aim for a strong synergy between urban planning, architecture, interior architecture, landscape design, engineering, sustainability, fine detailing and art.

Declerck-Daels, Architecten participated on restorations, renovations and new buildings. Their field of work expands in the public and the private sector, in Belgium and abroad. They work on urban planning, public transport, healthcare, residences, industry, retail, sport infrastructure, offices, hotels and design.

They pay a lot of attention to fine details to obtain pure and warm conceptual architecture.

Declerck-Daels, Architecten encourages emotions and impressions in their projects.