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Demogo Studio Si Architettura

Projects of Demogo Studio Si Architettura

Demogo is an Italian architecture firm founded in 2007 by Simone Gobbo, Alberto Mottola and Davide De Marchi. Since the beginning the office focuses its own work on the complex relationship between the state of being contemporary and context, characterizing itself for its authorial approach to the project. The problems related to the choice of the right scale of intervention and the strong urban character of the architectural work are the leitmotifs of the studio since its foundation. The projects of the studio have been published in several international magazines such as Mark, Paessaggio Urbano, A+, L’Arca.

The first important step for the studio was the first prize in Europan 10 in 2009, where the theme of the international competition was the design of the new Town hall of Gembloux in Belgium. Completed in 2015, the building was also awarded with the IQU, the prize for Innovation and Urban Quality.

In 2010 the studio was invited by Europan Europe at the international forum in Neuchâtel in Switzerland, where the work of the office was presented during the cycle of conferences “Inventing urbanity”. In the same year the studio won the second prize of “Young Italian Architects”, the award for the new architectural office under35. During the Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale “People meet in architecture” demogo also took part in the collateral event “Backstage architecture”.

In 2011 demogo became one of the members of the Top10 of NIB for New Italian Architects under36 and gave a series of lectures with the title “Contexts”.

The process of urban improvement generated by the transformation of the town hall of Gembloux was the central topic of the lecture that demogo gave in 2012 at the international forum “European urbanity” in Wien. demogo received the second prize in the competition for Malga Fosse, the new accommodation facility in Rolle Pass. This award became a real turning point for the work of the studio, opening new territories of investigation: the sense of the natural environment and its relationship with architecture has became since that moment one of the main research field of the office. This new course was successfully awarded with two prizes: the project for the Health service centre and the hut Petrarca in Trentino.

The strategies related to the reuse of the city were instead the theme which demogo dealt with at the collateral event “Occupy Biennale”, during the thirteenth edition of the Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale, “Common Ground”.

In 2013 the office received a special mention for the master plan of former Winckler area in Marly in Switzerland, directing its research interests to the possible transformations of large areas and disused infrastructures all around Europe. The first prize in the competition for the redevelopment of the large shopping centre FoxTown of Mendrisio demonstrated the strength of these new ideas.

In 2015 demogo won the competition for the reconstruction of the bivouac Fanton on Marmarole mountain pass (2.661m), in the centre of Dolomiti natural park, now in the final design stage. In the same year the National Association of Architects assigned to demogo the prestigious prize for the “Young Talent of Italian Architecture”.