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Dico și Țigănaș birou de proiectare

Projects of Dico și Țigănaș birou de proiectare

We established in 1997, after a meeting of the two partners, Florin Dico and Serban Tiganat, at the architecture faculty of Cluj. The first one was a student in the first year, atfer an egineering degree finished over 10 years ago, while the second one was a workshop assistant for the fisrt year. They have decided to work together, each from a complementary approach, but both with a great desire to design. The business idea was easy: we started from the question we address about whether living in Romania is possible by making projects under the circumstances, without working on the black market, by using 100% licensed software, by paying taxes, giving reasonable wages and making things better? The team grew from 2 to 4 members in 1997-1998 to around 50 people in 2007, with small constant variations so far. Being an association between an engineer and an architect, we wanted from the beginning to address interdisciplinary and complete projects .