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Projects of EKAR

Ekaphap Duangkaew

EKAR  believes the architecture is originated from a mixture of beautiful aesthetic senses and functional usabilities occurred through thinking process, analysis and connections based on different conditions and contexts which are surrounded in every dimension of each specific location. Nature, society, culture, behavior, taste and time are reflected in a unique architectural work. Every piece of EKAR creation is like a research combining science and art together to bring out proper design efficiency to create a sense of place which will lead to positive changes and expand to the whole society.

Ekaphap Duangkaew, a Chiang Mai native (Thailand) , Founder of EKAR (2014-present) and co-founded NOTDS (none other than design studio) 2009-2014, the architectural and interior design firm based in Chiang Mai and Bangkok in 2014. With architectural design experiences in various types of buildings both of public buildings and residential projects almost ten years at A49 and SCG Building Materials. EKAR recent works, cover renovation project, mixed-use project, commercial project and residential project including private house, focus on a touch point of user experience and requirement especially lifestyle by simple & clean form and space design. He received number of awards, Such as Finalist of WAN awards 2014 (UK) for T-House (a House of T-Shirt maker in Nontaburee, Thailand), Double finalist of Architizer Awards 2015 (Factory and Cantilever categories) for The Power house of SCG (the mechanical building in Bangkok, Thailand) , 2nd prize international competition of “Be More Like a Child As You Get Older”, an integrated communities society for all ages design competition form The Association of Collegiate School of Architecture (ACSA) in 2004, and the winner of “Baitong 3x3x3”, a steel house design competition  from Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand in 2009. Ekaphap graduated in Architecture at Chiang Mai University, and he is now a principal of EKAR.