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Estúdio MRGB

    Estúdio MRGB

  • SCLN 115
    Brasília/DF – Brasil
    CEP 70772-510
  • Brazil

Projects of Estúdio MRGB

Office description

Estúdio MRGB is an office of architecture and Urbanism funded in 2004, based in Brasília-DF, Brazil. It gathers the experience of architects, engineers, and professionals of multiple areas that collaborate with our design production.
The name and visual identity of the studio, is created by the letters M.R.G.B., that represents and narrows the affinity between the city of Brasília and the studio, the initials are a direct reference to the four scales that configures the city architecture and Urbanism – Monumental, Residential, Gathering and Bucolic. The admiration, respect and recognition for the contributions of the architect Lúcio Costa.
The design production of the Estúdio MRGB, guided by the architects Igor Campos and Hermes Romão Campos Jr. it comprehends from the simplest themes to more complex ones. The knowledge acquired through the years of professional experience grant the Estúdio MRGB the necessary expertise to work in different areas of design such as public transport, urban design, cultural spaces, schools, residential, commercial and hospital buildings.