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Gus Wüstemann Architects

Projects of Gus Wüstemann Architects

Gus Wüstemann (born in 1966), founded gus wüstemann architects in 1997 in Zurich and in 2004 opened his second office in Barcelona. Gus studied at the eth in Zurich and has lived and worked in Australia, India, England and the USA. Gus is co-founder and curator of Catalan-Architects. He frequently lectures within Europe and leads research workshops in the field of space design, architecture and urbanism.
This year he was invited to put forward a design proposal of the new Mondrian Hotel in Paris. Gus Wüstemann follows an ethical code in his architecture, working with communicating masses and spaces free of social contamination. His projects have been published internationally and he has won competitions and prizes all over the world.  Gus lives in Zurich and by the sea in Barcelona with his family. He enjoys surfing, sailing and has also climbed some of the highest mountain peaks in the world.