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Ingenieurbüro Miebach

Projects of Ingenieurbüro Miebach

Miebach engineering office was established in 2005 by Dipl. Ing. (FH) Frank Miebach.

Our planning focuses primarily on the designing and realization of sustainable supporting structures which are made from timber. In this area, in addition to other wide-span supporting structures, bridge construction is our particular passion.

We focus on the contemporary and innovative interpretation of a time-proven construction material in order to encourage new developments of engineering constructions. We are convinced that in this way we can make a sustainable and environmentally friendly contribution to modern building culture.

The planning work for the materials of timber and steel requires specialist experience and a high degree of care in the configuration of the details. Well-protected timber constructions guarantee a high degree of durability and a convincing degree of cost-efficiency. On this basis, we consistently work to find modern solutions which respond to current building technology developments.

We develop constructions which stand out due to their close practical relevance and with which viability and cost-effectiveness take centre stage. It is on these factors that we base our efforts to achieve good design.

In addition to the planning of bridge and structural designs, we are involved in the association of the Quality Community for Timber Bridge Construction e.V., in order to establish permanent high-quality wooden bridges. We also participate in the DIN standards committee EN 1995-2 for timber bridges.