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When talking about architecture, we always talk about roots. The Finnish word for roots is „juuret“. For us this word has grown into a new meaning, a sort of secret term that defines good architecture. Roots can exist in almost anything – music, art or people. In the field of architecture we define four different meanings for this term.

First, and perhaps most important, there should be some quality in the space, materials and structure which touches ones soul. Architecture which moves a man’s heart has roots.

The second root should grow on the site. Our buildings always relate to their surroundings. They are never alone but a link in chain between what has been on the site before and what will be thereafter.

We also like the idea that our architecture has its roots in the Finnish building tradition. The sensitivity to material and light as well as certain modest approach are all qualities that can exist as well in contemporary architecture. This is the third root.

The fourth root reaches into the future. There is always an attempt to create innovation. This can exist as well in a new way of using materials as well as in a creative combination of form and structure.

Combined these four different roots create a method we actively use in our work. It also defines quite well the attitude that we share not only in architecture but in life in general.