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Projects of Lukstudio

CEO Christina Luk

Christina Luk was born and brought up in Hong Kong. Stimulated by artistic and innovative things in her surroundings, Christina was aspired to be in the creative field from an early age. After graduated from the Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Toronto, Christina worked in Toronto and obtained her OAA architect license before relocated to Shanghai, China in 2007. In the past 10 years, Christina has been working in medium to big size projects as an architect and a project manager. She has accumulated knowledge in a broad range of projects including urban planning, heritage conservation, mixed-used architectural complex, institutional, hospitality interiors and gallery exhibit design. Her strength is in articulating each client’s needs and leading her team to fulfill the potentials of each project. Christina founded Lukstudio in Shanghai in 2011, since then her team has created a portfolio that showcases a passion for materials and craftsmanship.