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Marc Koehler Architects

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Today’s radical technological, economic, cultural and social shifts are transforming the role of design and architecture in society. Consumers are becoming creators of their own environment, increasingly self-organised and empowered by community platforms. Sustainability is seen as an intrinsic aspect of good design rather than an add on. The architect plays a powerful role in this process – and creates real, lasting value.

MKA’s design approach is always based on a careful analysis of people’s rituals and dreams, in space and time. By identifying personal values and connecting them to ‘the design potential’ of the site and context of a project, MKA designs inspire a new way of life. By using a magnified perspective on the context, user-space and detailing of a project and deeply engaging in a dialogue with the clients, architecture can add value, beauty and meaning to a project. This results in desirable spaces that are integrated in their surrounding, produce their own energy, work well and most important are loved and cared for by their users, thus extending their life span.