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MHM architects

Projects of MHM architects


«MHM architects» has been existed for more than 30 years. The Company set up in 1972 as an architect’s bureau, has been working in its staff composition since 2005. Presently our staffs in representation offices in Vienna and Linz are working in projects for Austria and European foreign countries, in the first place, for Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.
The projects implemented by «MHM architects» are notable for its high level of professional skills and quality in the field of projects’ design and implementation. The Company’s activities are arranged on the basis of partnership dialogue with the aim to find made-to-measure solutions fully complying with the needs of the developer. Being a General Designer, we are holding core position in designing and implementation activities. As a General Designer, we are in cooperation with the specialists of various designing fields to coordinate their activities. Long-term partnership, as well as sustainable cooperation with multidisciplinary designing enterprises ensures innovation solution and additional synergy in the interests of the clients.
Associated members of «MHM architects» are certified architects Mr. Matthias Molzbichler (Managing Director), certified architect Mr. Sebastian Haselsteiner and certified architect Mr. Florian Molzbichler.

Scope of the Work Performed

Urban Development. Our work in the field of urban development includes concepts formulation for framework projects, housing development and land use planning and management designs, as well as draft designs for area overwhelming development aiming at optimal solutions formulation as the legally adopted backbone for design development. Similarly, investor-oriented urban development concepts are to be designed for municipal and community administrations, as well as building development and land use zoning projects.

Architectural Design and Engineering. Projects’ Design. The Company’s key activities direction is architectural design of the property including concepts development, engineering and construction implementation of particular projects. Our construction projects are unique and undoubtedly recognizable, as far as these are erected under individual projects. We are rendering all and any services in the field of design planning and scheduling, preparatory work, providing support in course of ordering, as well as in the field of building supervision, property and facilities monitoring, work coordination, architectural, artistic and technical supervision, including consideration of aesthetic, technical, economic and social factors. We are viewing design as an integrated component of our construction, architectural and artistic tasks.

General Designing | As a general designer, we would like to offer implementation of full set of architectural and engineering work. Thus, the developer deals with the sole partner under the contract. Apart from reduction of contact persons’ number in course of project work execution and making of contracts, the client shall enjoy a comprehensive range of services in the field of designing scheduling and implementation. As a general designer, we are in a position to involve European companies possessing maximum skills, experience and proficiency in relevant fields (statics, MEP networks and equipment, physics of civil engineering, fire protection etc.).

Studies, Research, Analysis and Expert Opinion Reports. «MHM architects» would like to offer additional consultancy services, such as site surveys for development, job site structure definition, application profiles designing or buildings and facilities technical requirements definition, as well as assessment of agreements on quality parameters, costs and expenses, timing to complete relevant scope of work estimation. Specific work types at the projects development stage shall be implemented on the basis of our high-end techniques in the field of design development and projects’ construction. We are designing and developing projects to comply with modern artistic and technical requirements considering existing urban development structure to ensure functionality and purposefulness with the aim to suit the market with due account for economic tasks and goals.


For the last thirty years «MHM architects» team has gained broad experience to solve various diversified tasks in the field of construction activities. When starting operations, the core projects mainly included community and public buildings and facilities, such as schools, dormitory accommodations and dwelling houses, now the range of activities covers such projects, as modern office centers, as well as various buildings of special application (museums, universities, industrial facilities, swimming pools and saunas). When designing its architectural solutions, «MHM architects» puts great emphasis on the design, as an integral element of our construction and artistic activities. We can also include here broad experience in the field of premises layouts development and interior design.