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Mitsuori Architects

Projects of Mitsuori Architects

Mitsuori Architects is a design led practice founded by Melissa Lim & Matthew Murfett. We design high quality architecture that merges aesthetic values with careful planning and thoughtful detailing to create buildings that are a joy to inhabit. Our directors have worked for world renowned architectural practices on major cultural, commercial, boutique residential and interior design projects in Australia, UK, Europe and the USA. Our large scale project experience is combined with the flexibility of a smaller practice, enabling us to provide our clients with the highest level of personalised service.
Mitsuori literally means ‘threefold’. To us the number three represents a kind of minimalist approach; a reminder that often the most appropriate design solution is about less not more. Our design process is collaborative. Each piece of architecture is the result of a journey of discovery, creation and translation shared with our clients, design team and the builders who construct our buildings.