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Projects of Mizien

CEO Jorge Mestre

CEO Ivan Bercedo

Ivan Bercedo and Jorge Mestre are architects. They founded Mizien in 1999, which directs its activity to architecture and cultural projects, from both a practical and a theoretical approach. Mizien integrates multidisciplinary technicians in building projects, landscape and urban planning, exhibitions, research and cultural programs. Among their works stand, among others, the Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticulture Institute (IHSM) in Malaga, the headquarters of the Social Security in Granada, Gaes Headquarters in Barcelona, Alexandre Galí and Sant Jeroni schools in Barcelona, Amer and Berga Fire Stations and Palau-solità Police Station. Ivan Bercedo and Jorge Mestre collaborate with Cultura/s, the cultural supplement of Barcelona leading newspaper La Vanguardia, have participated as speakers in various courses and seminars and have been editors of Quaderns magazine.