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MMAA Studio Manfroni & Associati

Projects of MMAA Studio Manfroni & Associati

Studio Manfroni & Associati (MMAA) was founded in La Spezia (Italy) in 1986 by Mario Manfroni as Chief Executive and Patrizia Burlando.

MMAA works internationally across all key construction sectors for both the public and private clients and is known for providing complete projects to transform areas for different uses with the target of getting high architectural quality, technical innovation and controlled costs. The main results are a high level of concreteness and implementation of most of the planned projects.

Mario Manfroni graduated in 1983 from the faculty of Architecture, Università degli Studi di Firenze. In 1983 he was one of the founders of Ipostudio Architetti Associati in Florence where he worked prior to establishing Studio Manfroni & Associati (MMAA) in La Spezia.

Patrizia Burlando graduated in 1990 from the Faculty of Architecture, Università degli Studi di Genova.
She obtained a Postgraduate University Diploma in Landscape Architecture (1997) and a Ph.D in Landscape Architecture (2009) from Università degli Studi di Genova.

In parallel to her professional activities, Patrizia Burlando has developed an integrated and intensive research activities in Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa, where she is also a Professor in Landscape Architecture. She is member of AIAPP – Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio.
She is partner of Studio Manfroni & Associati since 1993.

Realized projects include the Trade Fair Centre in La Spezia, the Riva Shipyard and a Office and Production Centre in La Spezia, the Reuse of the Former Railway Lines in Levanto, the Road Police Station in Mondovì, Cuneo, the Idroscalo Park Renovation in Milan, the A and C Buildings, offices in La Spezia, the water treatment plant in Levanto, the Conversion of a Former Furnace Building in La Spezia and a number of private residential buildings.