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Murado & Elvira Architects

Projects of Murado & Elvira Architects

Murado & Elvira is a Madrid-based multidisciplinary office founded by Juan Elvira
and Clara Murado in 2003, dedicated to innovative architecture and interior design.
Their work has been awarded in many national and international competitions,
and has been exhibited at prestigious venues as the Mostra Internazionale di
Architettura of La Biennale di Venezia or the Bienal de Arquitectura Española. It
has been finalist at the Norwegian national architecture prize Staten Byggeskikkpris
2012 and selected at the Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2013.
With a youthful team of professionals, their projects are covering different scales
and scopes, from housing and renovations to public buildings. Juan Elvira and Clara
Murado like to say they design spaces that breathe. Relaxed, loose fit environments
that allow for an immediate personal appropriation of the user. A sustainable
approach to design is the guiding principle on which Murado & Elvira’s research
and production is based, where user participation, shared creativity and building
techniques seek to benefit both society and nature.