ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten



Misson statement : seeks to deliver a contemporary tropical design aesthetic that employs design and local materials in creative and unconventional ways in variaty special contexts.

Core competencies :
– be capable of precisely expressing concepts through oral presentations, drawings and models
– be able to analyze current public issues, understand the interactions and mutual influences between planning along with design and human beings, environment, society as well as the world.
– be able to facilitate problem identification, discuss, criticize, analysis, annotation of research, and writing up of results (research design and practice) and investigate, analyze, plan and carry out spatial projects (project implementation), ..etc.

Areas of expertise : architecture, interior, landscape.

About the design of our office :
What we aim to the new workplace is “Working concentrated indoor but still being able to connect with wind, sunlight, green and water”. Accordingly, we increase a large amount of greenery in the office’s entrance while designed a top light with jalousie window above another greenery and water feature in the end of the room to let the air come through all day and to control fluctuation in temperature. Otherwise, the jalousie windows’re designed to be adjusted the angle to control the wind level go through the work space while its transparency would have slightest impact on the original design of the house. The most beautiful moment would occur daily at noon cause the the joyful scenery of the top light fullfilled with the sunlight, and seasonally changed its direction while the fish is wandering under the water, making the water reflection sparkling on the ceiling, can help us away from the stress in the lunchtime.