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Noiz Architects

Projects of Noiz Architects

noiz is an architectural design firm based in Tokyo and Taipei, co-established by Keisuke Toyoda and Jia-Shuan Tsai in 2007. In 2010, noiz in collaboration Bio Architecture Formosana won the design competition for Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Region Campus, and it was inaugurated in 2015. Their portfolio includes Zhengzhou Clubhouse (2012), Humble House Hotel Roofscape (2012), FLIPMATA (2012) in collaboration with Kazuhiro Jo & Whyid, Hermes Taiwan Window Display series (2014- present), and various exhibition designs at Museum of National Taipei University of Education.

They work in various fields including architecture, interior, installation, exhibition and more, while expertly utilizing digital technology to expand possibilities. They are also actively engaged in R&D activities at their research platform “EaR” established in 2014 to further explore into the field of architectural informatics.