ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten | unipessoal, lda

Projects of | unipessoal, lda | unipessoal, lda, is an architectural office with a special interest in 3D modulation and renderization. From the point of view of the architecture, the office is use to work with all of the different parts involved into the project (from the engineers to the client), in order to accomplish the best solutions for the project. The competencies include the areas of Study, Project and Supervision, seeking an efficient technical support to the architectural market. At this moment, the 3D modulation and renderization are either a strong competencies of The photorealistic images are a capital asset for the architectural projects, but also for other services, such as industrial and commercial ambiences.

The office is committed with the quality and the excellence of the services. Each case is treated individually and with the best attention, in order to achieve a commitment between the architect and the client. The deadlines are of utmost importance and are a key factor for