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OLI Architecture

Projects of OLI Architecture

OLI Architecture was founded in 2010 by Bing Lin and Hiroshi Okamoto. The two architects cumulatively have more than 30 years of experience in designing signature museum, civic and institutional projects worldwide.

With a vision of a new future, accompanied by a deep understanding of the built environment and respect for the specific cultural parameters of each project, the firm offers full service architectural design. OLI’s design expertise includes: civic and cultural buildings, museography and exhibitions, and residences, hotels, and restaurants.

The firm’s approach investigates the specific nature of each project and crafts a design response that meets the aspirations of our clients and the detailed requirements of the future occupants. OLI transforms these contextual studies using parametric models, and computational analyses to create the unique tectonics of each project. These are then translated to local construction practices and standards to create a unique building that merges with the cultural environment of its site.
Others services offered include planning, and construction administration. OLI has offices located in New York, Shanghai, and Paris.

Other projects in the culture sector include: Chengdu Silk Art Culture Museum in Chengdu, China (opening in 2016); Museum of Islamic Art Phase 1 Renovation in Doha, Qatar (2015-2016); Wuzhong Museum in Suzhou, China (Design 2014); the Hai Dao SAC Art Museum in Hainan, China (Design 2013-2015); the China Suzhou Embroidery Art Museum (Design 2011- 2016); Museum of Islamic Art Sculpture Park in Doha, Qatar (completed in 2012).