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Paul de Ruiter Architects

Projects of Paul de Ruiter Architects

Paul de Ruiter Architects belongs to the most sustainable and trendsetting architectural offices in Europe and is a true gem in the impressive Dutch architectural landscape. From its very start in the nineties the studio has been pioneering the realms of sustainability and ever since it has been a great advocate and practitioner of sustainable, energy saving architectural design.

Paul de Ruiter Architects took its inspiration from the body of ideas expressed in the PhD research by Paul de Ruiter “The Chameleon Skin” from 1992, arguing that buildings should produce rather than consume energy. Our architecture not only generates energy in technical terms, but also in terms of the human factor. Values like happiness and inspiration combine with measurable factors such as daylight optimization to make intelligent, sustainable buildings. This enables us to design buildings with a pleasant indoor climate in which health, interaction and human communication take centre stage. For us, embracing sustainability is all about making groundbreaking and innovative architecture that has an intrinsic beauty of its own. Appreciating the beauty of buildings is ultimately an essential ingredient in creating a sustainable world.

Our office is specialized in technically complex assignments and engaged with a myriad of projects ranging from residential projects and schools to large developments like university buildings, hotels, theatres, office buildings, social housing and infrastructural projects such as dikes, waterworks, tunnels and carparks.