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Praxis d’Architecture

Projects of Praxis d’Architecture

Di Shaohua


Di Shaohua founded PRAXiS d’ARCHITECTURE in 2009. She graduated from Tianjin University with a B.Arch and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a professional degree of M.Arch and a post professional degree of S.March.S in Urbanism. In 2003, she received Frances Ward Chandler Price from MIT. She has been studio critic for architecture department in Central Academy of Art in Beijing. PRAXiS d’ARCHITECTURE’s work has been widely published internationally by Dezeen, Frame, ARCHITECT Magazine, ArchDaily, Divisare, gooood, UED etc.


Architecture and design infiltrate into every detail of our daily life. We consider architecture and architect not merely a profession, but a life style. When time allows, we interact with design studios in universities, go to see art exhibitions and movies, visit a built environment, etc. While getting familiar with the technical aspect of a project design, we form a habit of thinking about the origin of design. The most important thing for us is to find a way of living and thinking that leads to creativity.