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Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Projects of Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

More than fifty years after its founding, Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura remains at the forefront of the urban design and architectural professions. The third generation family business is currently led by Ricardo Bofill Levi, sons Ricardo E. Bofill and Pablo Bofill, and partners Peter Hodgkinson and Jean-Pierre Carniaux. RBTA applies its visionary humanism and cultural intelligence in settings across the world. Centralized in a repurposed former cement factory “La Fábrica” on the outskirts of Barcelona, RBTA consists of a diverse, driven, and cohesive team of talent. Originating from over twenty countries, the staff ranges in specialty from architects and urban planners to interior, graphic and industrial designers. This multidisciplinary and global perspective fosters a cultural sensitivity that informs the work of the internationally renowned architecture, urban planning, and design practice.

The inexhaustible and vital vision of RBTA continues its practical and theoretical evolution. Sensitivity towards the shifting political and social transformations of the moment affords RBTA a singular insight that imbues architecture with an added and lasting value. Regardless of scale, these familiar and symbolic international landmarks prove emblematic of their urban and rural destinations.

Whether realizing sports, cultural, or retail facilities, towering headquarters, or modest housing, RBTA maintains a remarkable ability to move seamlessly across borders and scales while adapting to the social and cultural values embedded within each site. In spite of the seemingly endless variety of size, location, and program, this extensive body of work reveals a degree of coherence and a continuity of thinking that correspond to RBTA’s uniquely personal relationship to history and the urban context.