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Rolf Ockert. Architect.

    Rolf Ockert. Architect.

  • Suite 406
    64 Kippax St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
  • Australia

Projects of Rolf Ockert. Architect.

At Rolf Ockert. Architect. we continuously aim to find individual and optimised solutions for any design task we can get our hands and minds on.

Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Australia, and having traveled the world extensively, Rolf draws on a wide range of visual, practical and design experience. For us it is still fascinating how different architectural solutions for the same task can be. The solutions then are a reflection of the designers experience, taste, preference, etc. We call it the mosaic of life, every little bit of input forming a vital part of the whole piece.

Rolf Ockert. Architect., commenced in 2004, has in a relatively short period of time created a rich portfolio of work, ranging from high end residential design to commercial and retail projects, product and furniture design, masterplanning and much more. Projects to date have been located throughout Australia as well as overseas, most recently in New Zealand, Japan, the US and Switzerland. Many projects have been published in books and magazines all over the world.