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Somdoon Architects

Projects of Somdoon Architects

Founded in 2010, Somdoon Architects has gained recognition for its design, most notably known for residential projects, including entry-level housing, mid-rise and high-rise developments.

The name, ‘Somdoon’ deriving from the Thai word, means ‘balance’. Our team believe that each project has different conditions and challenges. It is crucial to look around, research in depth and collaborate with others to find the balance for each project, and the unique design is the result of the process.

Our works has won several internationally-acclaimed awards, including: the WAF World Architecture Festival for ‘Best Future Project’; The Asia Pacific Property Awards for ‘Best High-Rise Thailand’ and ‘Best Architecture Multiple Residence Asia Pacific’; and ‘Silver Winner’ at the MIPIM (Asia) Awards for ‘Best Residential Development’.

Today, our practice consists of architects, interior architects and designers positioned in a combined workspace in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.