ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten


Projects of Spaceworkers

The spaceworkers® project arises from a common desire of the three mentors, Carla Duarte, Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis, to create a „brand“ capable of representing a horizontal approach across fields as diverse as Architecture, Economics, Design and Furniture, proving to be possible and even recommendable to ally these different areas.
As a creative workshop, we seek to instill in our work a touch of innovation and sensory excitement, appealing to the sensibilities of its customers to a new way of viewing space as an instrument of communication, planning and interaction with public sentiment.

We believe that the proposals made by spaceworkers ® seek to meet the needs of its clients, avoiding the obvious, seeking a path where form clearly follows emotion.

It also seeks a compromise between the formal and functional options and the overall cost of the work, because we believe it is precisely this balance that grounds the added value of our work.