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Georges Hung

Studio Georges Hung is an award-winning, internationally published, design-led architectural design consultancy based in Hong Kong, blurring the boundaries between urban context and public realm, between architecture and landscape, and between interior and exterior. We work within the in-between realm of the tangible and intangible. In a collective, multi-disciplinary and collaborative experience, Studio Georges Hung crafts integrated and cohesive designs, providing imaginative and inventive solutions for stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.
We work regionally and globally across different scales and typologies, in sectors such as urban planning / master planning, architecture, interior design, spanning geographical and cultural boundaries. Each is responsive to a different scale within our environment.

Studio Georges Hung generates unexpected connections within the local and global communities through creative, thought provoking, cutting-edge and practical designs. Derived from the driving desire to release all “excess air” around a new design, SGH cultivates and stimulates every project to extract its creative, imaginative and inventive core.

It’s ultimate goals are to engender the highly creative, imaginative and inventive spirit in every project; to respond to the client’s goals and objectives; and ultimately to contribute added value to society through innovative design.

Founder & Managing Director
Georges Hung, Architecte D.P.L.G. – AIA

With more than 20 years of professional experience in the US, Europe, and Asia, Georges has had key design leadership roles in Europe and Asia inside major international architectural firms, such as RMJM and WoodsBagot in Hong Kong, Odile Decq + Benoit Cornette Architectes & Urbanistes in Paris, and with his own studio Insite s.a.r.l / I.A.D.., in Paris + Hong Kong.

As founding partner of the studio, he is in charge of design directions; project management; planning and delivery of large-scale master planning, mixed-use, commercial, residential, leisure, retail, educational, cultural, and civic facilities.

Georges has worked in diverse cultures, from USA to Europe and currently in Asia. Highly adaptable in different cultural contexts and project typologies, Georges and his team at SGH understand that design is a multi-process methodology, driven by vision and experience. Most importantly SGH offers an understanding of the big picture, what the project “is” and what it wants to be, working in intense and dynamic collaboration with the client and consultants. As team leader, he initiates and explores the design brief, defining the objectives and set the creative process in motion together with the client and the rest of the team. Georges’ ultimate goal is to engender the highly creative, imaginative and inventive spirit while responding and respecting each client’s goals and objectives while ultimately creating added value through design.

Georges was an Adjunct Associate Professor in Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong 2013-2014 and was Assistant Professor of Architectural Design at the University of Illinois –Chicago Exchange program at School of Architecture in Versailles, France from 1998-2004.