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Studio Lauria

Projects of Studio Lauria

Daniele Lauria

The architect Daniele Lauria has had his first experiences in urban regeneration projects coordinated in Florence by Renzo Piano and Leonardo Benevolo. Then he pointed his design activities in the direction of creativity and innovation: the pavilion for the EU’s Internet Festival was presented at the Venice Biennial in 2000.

The quality of materials, the importance of light and colors, the design of spaces related with the urban context, the sustainability as fundamental design principle: these are the features of Studio Lauria that, since 2009, works in many countries of South America.
Studio Lauria realized projects on many and different areas as exhibition design, restoration and renewal of private and public building, urban design.

Daniele Lauria also directed many italian cultural events such as the Festival of Creativity and the Festival of Europe. He gives lessons and lectures in architecture and sustainable urban planning.