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Studio Zero85

Projects of Studio Zero85

The Studio Zero85 Associates Architects was founded in December 2006 by three designers from different professional experiences from 2000 to 2007 between Pescara, Rome and L’Aquila. The firm is dedicated to the typological and technological research in housing paying attention to the relationship / project context as well as to re-functionalization of urban spaces through the different mobility, dealing in international competitions, getting some recognition. Participate with their project „Trabocco“ at the exhibition curated by Cino Zucchi „Innesti/Grafting“ at the 2014’s Architecture Biennale in Venice. Studio Zero85 was among the 50 designers from 26 different countries, selected at the „Award-Winning International Brick Architecture 2014 „with the project „Casa-studio di artista“. With the same work receive the “Special Mention” for the “Fritz-Höger-Preises 2014”.