ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten


Projects of Superform

Superform is an architecture firm from Slovenia, founded by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek in 2001. It is successfully active in the field of architecture, interior, design and urban planning.

We live in a world of constant change in the society and the environment. We believe there is a necessity for a new paradigm of forming architecture, which combines a wide range of factors that influence the individual and the society.

Superform introduces a new approach: architecture is an experience, which we sense on the three levels of perception:

a. The mental level
It represents an experience of the mind. We experience: archetype, symbol, association, idea, thought, story, memory, harmony.
b. The sensual level
We experience space with all our senses: eyesight, hearing, smell, balance, taste and touch. The experiences are: light, high, open, rough.
c. The physical level
We experience space with our bodies. The experiences are: tectonics, morphology and ergonomics of space.

The result of the new approach is not just architecture as a manifestation on the functional and formal/design level, but a multifaceted experience of space, which corresponds to body and mind.
Every Superform project has a specific code. The code of the project is a sum of the perception levels and the specific name of the project, which classifies the story/saga of each project. With the project code, Superform communicates with the client and the public.
The approach is based on the process of creation, which begins with renewed formulation of the desires and the needs of the user, as well as with the resources and the requirements of the space. The process of creation does not begin with questions of form and function. Superform does not begin with the question of how a house or a chair should look like. The question ‘how it should look’, leads to the answer of ‘pretty’ or ‘pleasant’. Superform erases the stereotypes and begins with the question: Why do we need a house? Why do we need a chair?
The aim of creation is not just a product, but a continued process, in which the client is equally involved. The process of creation is equal for all assignments, regardless to the size (architecture, interior, urban space). Yet the result is always different and unique, because architecture is treated as a medium, the third skin, which fits the individual user and space.