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TaAG Arquitectura

Projects of TaAG Arquitectura

This multi-skilled firm based in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, was founded in 2000 by the architect Gerardo Ayala García de Quevedo to work on Architecture, Design, Construction and Esthetic Investigation.

TaAG Arquitectura performs projects on different levels and scales: furniture, interior design, residential and multi-family homes, as well as institutional buildings. But its aim, which is to satisfy the customer on the basis of a solid grasp of his or her specific needs and expectations, is always the same. Architecture must respond to users by harnessing the space so they can experience it to the full.

In this regard, the project’s scale or budget takes on a secondary role. The most critical aspect of the project lies in slotting it correctly within its context, along with its potentiality and contribution to quality of life.

Our quest is to produce architecture that resolves space in a stylish yet simple manner, bears witness to its era and is
consistent, plastic, sublime, singular and unique.