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Taylor Design & Build

Projects of Taylor Design & Build

We begin with a challenge to our clients to define their dreams. We assist by probing and refining their visions into a viable concept. Everyone says they do this, but we actually do do this, because we take on one project at a time and thereby attend to it with a keen focus and impeccable care.

Because we build what we design, we’re ever mindful of the cost and feasibility implications during the continually evolving design process. We work iteratively and collaboratively, in-house and out. We love our work and insist on continued enjoyment as we engage with our clients. We are not interested in a client who tries to micromanage the process and stress out all those concerned. We are experienced professionals with a need for a modicum of freedom to work. We manage communications in an open style.

As an Apple based office using sophisticated computer tools, from start to finish. We invite our clients to be appropriately involved. For our clients at a distance we provide client viewers for easy 3-d spatial understanding; and then during construction, a photo blog, to keep tabs on their home’s actual progress.

Our team’s well honed design sensitivities and hard earned construction insights continue to improve and evolve. Our skill set specializes in higher-end desert adapted custom homes on interesting sites; in recent years extensive remodeling has become a much larger portion of what we do well; as many fine existing homes need upgrading and or expansion.