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Tengbom Eriksson Architects

Projects of Tengbom Eriksson Architects

Tengbom Eriksson Architects is an architectural firm in Finland. We provide comprehensive design services in zoning and urban design, landscape and building design from newly built to restorations, renovations and refurbishments as well as research and development. Our services also include detailed and high quality interior design for public, commercial and private spaces. Our design has rendered us several awards in international and national competitions.

Tengbom Eriksson Architects is owned by the Swedish architectural firm Tengbom. Tengbom Architects have since 1906 combined innovative and holistic design for present and future generations. Tengbom has almost 600 employees in twelve cities in the Nordics as well as an office in Cambodia through a co-operation with The Room Design Studio.

Tengbom Eriksson Architects is now one of the ten largest architectural firms in Finland and our practice is growing fast. Today we are more than thirty professionals with projects all over Finland and further in the Baltic countries as well as in Russia and China.

We aim for the best possible quality and strong architectural values in all our design. The architecture and design is unique and individual in every project according to the demands of the client and the function of the building. The buildings’ cost-efficiency and structural solutions are taken into consideration in the design. In every project we also consider the requirements for sustainability and the new energy saving goals. Tengbom Eriksson Architects apply the Association of Finnish Architects (ATL) Quality Standards. The quality control is agreed and implemented together with the client. This ensures high quality standards throughout the project design.