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Thomas Löwenstein arquitecto

Projects of Thomas Löwenstein arquitecto

The vision of the architecture we develop manifests its main intention in the value of the dependence between the constructed and its context, and in the individual and different way in which each inhabitant is phenomenologically facing or perceiving each space. In this sense, our proposal puts emphasis on the ways of living that each job deserves, avoiding generic solutions that do not incorporate the personality of its users in the project.

It is composed indissolubly of the putting into dialogue of interests, ways of living, landscape, materials and arguments resulting from the interaction between architect and client, in a paused way and as a result of mutual knowledge in such a way that each work is the reflection of Different ways of dwelling. The result appears when the balance between the interpretation of the intentions of the inhabitants and the constant dialogue between the different actors involved becomes clear.
The work that we have developed is mainly related to the housing architecture, from the renovation of already constructed spaces, extensions and new works, as well as the interior design and built-in furniture which are also part of our experience and which has also linked us with the scope of the habilitation of commercial spaces and interior design.