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Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

Projects of Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

Tiago do Vale Arquitectos is a small architectural studio based on the north of Portugal with a worldwide scope.

With a restricted but very specialized team of architects, this practice understands Architecture in the traditional sense, as a wide but interconnected and inter-referenced field, with a portfolio ranging from urban planning to industrial design.

Founded in 2008 and led by Tiago do Vale (born in 1978 and educated in the University of Coimbra’s Architecture School) this team has focused in teaching, health and tourism facilities (as well as the obligatory themes of sustainability and energy efficiency) while of lately amassing a sizable curriculum in urban rehabilitation and building preservation, restoration and reconstruction.

Their designs revolve around light, well-being, function, cultural context and meaning, shapes and textures, ergonomics and the human scale: a clear architecture that tells a recognizable story.