ARCHIPENDIUM von Architekten für Architekten



The architectural office and consultancy consists of a team of architect engineers and aims to provide comprehensive design services, supervision and advice in all types of range and scale of projects architectural. The structure and size of the office enables the design and study of projects very different in both the typology as well as in level of scale. The activities extend from the interior configuration to the study of large scale and fundamentals. The office has partici¬pated in the study of residencies, condo-miniums, shopping centers, office buildings, establishments of infrastructure and hotel complexes, among others. At the same time the office deals with landscaping de¬sign, both on an urban level, with design squares and open spaces, as well as on the landscape level with the park design. The office has repeatedly been honored with awards in architectural competitions and projects which have been presented in Greece and abroad.

The continued participation of the office in architectural competitions, which coincide with current profes-sional pursuits, formed at our dis¬posal types of experimentation and processing of specific forms and structures. In this way these inno¬vative synthetic possibilities car¬ried into practice and contributed to the advancement of studies and projects of office. We employ the constant evolution of our architec¬ture and language adaptation of the ever-changing needs of modern society.

Nowadays, architecture is expected to read the signs of the times and redefine the meaning of space in an evolutionary process, drawing from the knowledge gained hitherto. A static perception of the world, stemming from extreme theoretical simplification and intense demand for control, constitutes the main driver of shallow interpretation and rigid practice. We avoid and abolish this stagnation, through an ongoing reinterpretation of thought and a dynamic process of design.

In line with the ever-changing reality, architectural thinking and design is asked to reflect this multiplicity of meanings and forms. Elementary topics like scale, function, locality and symbolism are examined and reinterpreted through innovative and creative processes that will give birth to the new concept. The original abstractions are the factors of a process that evolves over time and produces the spatial formations of the structured environment. These formations are embedded in the new concept of architectural thinking, and transform into a single entity that encompasses the sum of all sensory representations.

The contemporary structured environment is the spatial condition that reflects „the times“. Our goal is to transform the closed form unity into a dynamic, ever-changing open set of variations, as new elements and interconnections are constantly incorporated. In this way, the idea per se is parameterised in perpetuity,