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Van Dongen–Koschuch

Projects of Van Dongen–Koschuch

Frits van Dongen and Patrick Koschuch announce the launch of a new architectural Firm: van Dongen – Koschuch Architects and Planners.
The architects, both formerly of ‘de Architekten Cie.‘ have an award-winning portfolio that includes urban- and masterplanning, housing, offices, public – and cultural buildings. The new firm aims to offer clients a tailored approach to architecture by taking advantage of van Dongen and Koschuch’s extensive network of multidisciplinary experts. This flexible structure makes the firm highly responsive to change and offers clients access to the best expertise around. Van Dongen and Koschuch’s personalized service allows for greater dialogue with clients throughout the design process.
About Van Dongen–Koschuch Architects and Planners, Frits van Dongen and Patrick Koschuch believe that architecture is about the design and creation of real value for people, by the people with a passion for the craft. They will continue infusing all their projects with a dose of dignity and courage.
Frits van Dongen’s outstanding experience and design language combines with Patrick Koschuch’s talent for creating aesthetic and inspiring buildings, and listening to clients to analyze and solve problems in inventive ways. Providing architectural solutions for unfolding urban, environmental and economical challenges, Van Dongen and Koschuch’s mission is to excel.